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Welcome to Renu Forum for the Arts!
Mission and Philosophy
  • What makes art spiritual?
  • Can we find our focus and balance in creativity?
  • Can art stimulate, sharpen, and civilize us?

Renu Forum for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) Indian art nonprofit organization in the USA, located in the northeastern state of New Jersey in the Princeton metropolitan area. Founded in 2019 for preserving Indian Classical arts, Renu believes in the compelling and transformative power of arts. India, a civilization 5000 years old, is an extraordinary treasure trove of arts universally acclaimed for their spiritual essence and charm. In an effort of promoting Indian Classical arts Renu interprets the uplifting Indian arts of Classical music, dance and architecture to global audiences. Our mission-based work of Preserving and promoting Indian Classical arts takes place via high quality theater performances and educative endeavors. The Renu artistic programs are designed to draw people into an immersive experience of history, culture, and creativity. As an Indian art nonprofit organization in the USA, we are a secular equal opportunity organization that embraces diversity and inclusion.


The idea of Renu roots in Founder Anita Kulkarni’s passion for arts. The subcontinent’s legacy in arts can only be rejoiced by preserving and promoting Indian Classical arts on the global stage! With a long career in architecture, Anita is also a trained Classical vocalist in Hindustani music, her blend of skills in visual and performing arts inspiring and shaping Renu in concept. With the humble beginnings operated by one person, Renu, the Indian art nonprofit organization in the USA has now bootstrapped its way to international prominence, presenting artistic work at top theaters in North America, Europe and India.

Team and Collaborations

Represented on at least two continents, the Renu artistic team together with Board of Directors establishes Renu’s creative direction, monitors the energy, quality and spirit of Renu as an internationally active art and culture organization in preserving and promoting Indian Classical arts, and oversees the continued success of our artistic and educational goals. Please take time to visit Team page.

Currently Offered

As a prolific and proud Indian art nonprofit organization in the USA, we invite you to visit our pages Repertoire, Events and Gallery for an overview of Renu’s rich past and present artistic work.


Here are a few spontaneous quotes by the audience, on a few of our productions:

‘El Dorado, the Golden One’

A 90m ballet in stylized Odissi dance and Hindustani music fusions

“Sublime, invigorating and a fantastic fusion of the arts. You have created a fusion so unique that it mesmerizes with its expanse. Hope a lot of people will watch it to understand what it takes to blend it all together and create a realm of such grandeur. Salute!!”

“Endless excellence in every aspect! Another indescribable show by you, after Meadow!”

The Architecture of Arts

A Renu series of web episodes that explores the unseen facets of various artforms

“This evening, time stood still with us watching Pandit Satish Vyas on Santoor! Beautiful, mesmerizing, incredible! There is a plethora of musical programs on the internet, but Renu’s web series clearly stands out as intimate, open, and exploratory. Thank you very much for enlightening us, and we look forward to the upcoming presentations!”

“Really enjoyed it! Sawani’s voice is so melodious! Your questions are astute, drawing the best out of the artists!”

Meet Me on the Meadow

A 90m ballet in Contemporary Kathak that is a two-plane love story

“Music. Dance. Poetry. Painting. Multimedia! So many diverse pieces woven together in perfect harmony!”

“An epic love story in a ballet of glamor and grandeur! Unmatched! … No other words!”

“Stunning digital backdrops, mesmerizing color and powerful emoting in a unique dance drama!”


A workshop in Music Appreciation

“A wonderful, friendly peek into Hindustani music. Please design one for children and teenagers!”

“10/10 for concept, content, delivery and health value (Therapy)”

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