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The rich mythology backing the Indian belief system finds its huge influence on Indian art and culture. Likewise, the Indian dance theatre, Indian Classical music and Indian art, all carry this influence! The epic mythological characters and events have long made the subjects of Indian dance theatre / dance theater of India, they inspired the lyrics in the Indian Classical (vocal) music system, and they also have been portrayed in the Indian art (examples: the fine miniatures from Rajasthan or Pattachitra from Odisha). Our Renu offerings may draw from mythology occasionally, however, quite unlike the themes in the dance theater of India, they are based on a fictional storyline and adopt a Contemporary, New Age style for our presentations that integrate technology in art to create original content. Brilliant, out-of-the-box aesthetics of grandeur is one shared feature in our productions. Audiences have called the dance theater of India presented by Renu “out of this world” or “ahead of its times”, and the universal appeal of our shows owes itself to the innovative concepts and style of presentation that is quite atypical to the classic Indian dance theatre.

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